RAS Industries

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RAS Industries new facility is located  in the Campbell Heights area of South Surrey, BC. The electrical systems for this building were designed and installed by Cantec electrical. From the lighting to the outlet locations and the distribution for their extensive line up of equipment, we worked with the owner to provide them with a facility that suited their needs. Through the use of LED lighting in the office areas and high output Fluorescent Lighting in the Plant area we were able to qualify for a BC Hydro Power Smart incentive for the owner.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging uses the infrared photography to detect differences in surface temperature.

Many insurance companies today require their clients to insure their electrical systems are safe.  Switchboards, Panelboards, Breakers and transformers, all of this equipment can develop ‘Hot Spots’ putting your facility in danger of an electrical fire that could put you out of business  for an extended period of time. Thermal imaging can locate potential problems within your electrical system.

We will provide you with a complete report of your entire system and recommend service as required.




Whether its a new installation or a service upgrade Cantec Electrical can design your new Distribution. Service upgrades are done quickly and scheduled to your needs to minimise interruption to your operations.