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Can-tec Electrical Services Ltd. was incorporated in 1987. Located in Surrey, British Columbia, we provide electrical design and installation for Commercial and Industrial projects, and service and maintenance to customers throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver island.



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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging uses the infrared photography to detect differences in surface temperature.

Many insurance companies today require their clients to insure their electrical systems are safe.  Switchboards, Panelboards, Breakers and transformers, all of this equipment can develop ‘Hot Spots’ putting your facility in danger of an electrical fire that could put you out of business  for an extended period of time. Thermal imaging can locate potential problems within your electrical system.

We will provide you with a complete report of your entire system and recommend service as required.

Power Smart

Being a Power Smart Alliance member we are qualified to provide energy efficient lighting design for both New Building Design and Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades.

Under the BC Hydro Power Smart  ”Energy Efficient Lighting Design Program” we will design your lighting system and submit your project for BC Hydro Incentive dollars. BC Hydro will review the design and provide incentive dollars to help you pay for the additional cost of energy efficient lighting.

If your existing facility is still using Metal Halide warehouse and exterior lighting, let us show you how to upgrade to energy efficient lighting, reduce your energy costs and have BC Hydro help you pay for the installation costs.


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Paul De Grace, Don W. & Don S.

“Many thanks to you and the rest of the guys @ Cantec involved for their extraordinary efforts to complete the FA verification ………especially Vernon and Nathan and of course Troy Forshaw at Edwards. These are a tenacious bunch of guys considering all the obstacles they hit and the ongoing long hours and weekends they had to work to get it all done. We consider ourselves fortunate to have these guys working on this project.”

Much appreciated, Paul L., K L Teck Engineering